Better insight to social side of healthcare business key to ESG

Social aspects of ESG are difficult to quantify with data which is one of the challenges for the healthcare sector.

“We’re trying to make a difference in terms of being a great employer and we’re trying to make an impact from the healthcare workers’ perspective,” said Ron Bloois, co-founder and chair of the Senior Housing & Healthcare Association (SHHA).

“We need to gain more insight on the opco and propco sides because to be successful, especially in healthcare, the operational side of real estate is very important,” he added.

Van Bloois was speaking at the recent Provada real estate show staged in Amsterdam and added that while ESG is top of the agenda, uncertainties caused by the war in Ukraine and the scarcity of personnel are putting pressure on business cases.

“So there are a lot of initiatives, but in terms of making it work, that’s still quite a challenge.”

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