B2B e-commerce could be six times the size of B2C: DHL

While any examination of logistics real estate has tended to focus on the business-to-consumer markets throughout the pandemic, business to business e-commerce is potentially six times as large according to DHL Supply Chain’s head of capital markets in Europe, Ben Segelman.

He said that the pandemic accelerated the rate of change and in growth in e-commerce exponentially. But, “this really is about the industry that supplies industry. The manufacturing auto parts group that is moving its industry online in terms of its supply chain requirements to its customers, and other parts of industry as well. There’s huge growth still to come from there,” he says.

Life science and healthcare is one of DHL’s largest business segments and that too is expanding, “other elements within the sub-sectors are coming back as well,” Segelman added.  While industry is quickly recovering to its pre-pandemic levels, Segelman is expecting this growth to go beyond that. “Demand from both customers and investors enables this sector to take up a lot of that supply of warehouses that has been built,” he said.

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