‘Ambition’ key to changing corporate energy profile

Clemens Brenninkmeijer, head of sustainable business operations, Redevco, explains how the firm is setting about its mission to make the company into a zero carbon organisation by 2040.

Speaking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts he said that in the five years since the Paris Agreement the real estate industry has become much more conscious of its environmental impact. And, during the last six to nine months of the corona virus crisis, it has become much more aware of social topics and the role buildings play in the health and well being of their occupants.

But meeting environmental targets all starts with ambition, says Brenninkmeijer and Redevco’s ambition is to future proof assets while under its stewardship. Redevco’s 2040 mission has begun with the designation of four signature projects in order to demonstrate what is possible and to inspire others to contribute, he adds.

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