Alignment needed between EU and UK sustainability regs

New regulations relating to sustainability and the achievement of net zero carbon are complex, as Segro sustainability director Gabriella Zepf explained.

“Aspects of those are very new to us, so the primary strategy is to start early and use expert help to try and peel the different layers of the various regulations to make sure we make the best possible decisions,” she told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts while participating in the recent EPRA Sustainability Summit.

Zepf said that a close alignment between EU and UK regulation is needed. “It’s quite labour intensive to work out all the requirements and if we could just create one really solid reporting pack and action plan that covered the geographies in one go, that would be my dream.”

Providing PV panels and alternative sources of electricity are “absolutely critical strategic aspects” she said. “They are part of our commitment to Segro but also to our tenants, our customers, so they are fundamental. I don’t see those changing, they will just become more and more important.”