Airbnb accreditation system for offices could improve returns

Assets with superior environmental accreditation can attract a premium because they help their occupiers achieve their ESG goals.

But, said Andy Saull, research associate at Pi Labs, “we believe that in future a lot more focus will be on the ‘S’ in ESG. Buildings need to be environmentally friendly but also create great productivity and a satisfactory environment for their occupants.”

Talking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts, Saull said that as 90% of an average occupant’s costs is said to be the salary bill, making staff 1% more productive would produce a greater return than, say, cutting the utility bill by 100%.

Consequently, Saull says there should be an Airbnb-type system for offices as there is in the hospitality industry, particularly as there is evidence that more satisfactory buildings return higher rents.

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