Tunley: the 3 key factors driving companies to cut emissions

The three key factors that drive companies to reduce their carbon emissions are enhancing brand reputation, contributing to environmental responsibility and meeting customer demand, according to new research conducted by Tunley Environmental, a provider of sustainability consulting services.

Source: Tunley Environmental, May 2024

“Our comprehensive reports have played a pivotal role in guiding businesses toward sustainable practices,” said William Beer, founder & CEO, Tunley Environmental. “The findings from our research affirm the effectiveness of our approach in empowering clients to make informed decisions that positively impact their carbon footprint.”

Key findings from the research reveal that over 87% of clients pursued sustainability initiatives to enhance brand reputation, with a further 79% aiming to meet customer demands and 83% striving to contribute to environmental responsibility.

Notably, half of the clients adopted renewable energy following Tunley’s guidance, and 67% implemented waste reduction strategies after receiving the company’s report. Additionally, a third of clients switched their fleet vehicles for electric vehicles (EVs), and 38% implemented alternative materials to reduce product emissions.

The research further highlights that 88% of clients found that working with Tunley completely took the stress out of calculating emissions, and over two-thirds of researched clients agree that working with Tunley helped them to market their product as “sustainable”. The headline finding was that 100% of clients stated they would recommend Tunley’s services to others.

The environmental consultancy says it is “dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their sustainability objectives”, and will continue to deliver third-party verification to companies in the UK, Europe and beyond.

“We are privileged to work with incredible clients across the globe who are committed to reducing their GHG emissions,” said Aaron Yeardley, science team lead and contracts manager, Tunley Environmental. “Their enthusiasm and receptiveness to our recommendations have been instrumental in creating actionable reports that have the potential to make a tangible difference to businesses.”

Looking into the specific assessment services, the embodied carbon assessment (ECA) results show that 75% of clients express relief from fears of greenwashing/false advertising. Similarly, the business carbon assessment (BCA) findings reveal that 100% of Tunley’s BCA clients would recommend their services to others, and 100% are satisfied with the ease of doing business with Tunley. The life cycle assessment research further solidifies Tunley’s impact, with 100% of clients acknowledging the company’s role in improving stakeholder engagement and product marketing.