Commerz Real and Bosch present new data platform

Commerz Real and Bosch Building Technologies are cooperating on a new data platform for digital building management that will be launched on 1 October, the two groups announced yesterday.

The platform is intended to support a sustainable and value-enhancing management of real estate portfolios by centralising all building and consumption data with a focus on transparent collection and analysis to optimise ESG performance.

The Galaxy Tower in Vienna, pilot project for the new platform developed by Commerz Real and Bosch Building Technologies

“Our common vision is a platform from which all stakeholders benefit, an open and secure system that is not tied to a particular technology or service provider,” said Jens Böhnlein, global head of asset management and sustainability, Commerz Real. 

Newly founded Bosch Building Technologies subsidiary Susteco will make the platform accessible to customers in the real estate industry. The first pilot project was the Galaxy Tower in Vienna, a high-rise building of the open-ended real estate fund Hausinvest. All building and consumption data were recorded, interconnected and analysed.

The platform focuses on the user needs of various interest groups of a property from owners, through service providers to tenants. They all receive digital access to the building information relevant to them and can set and monitor object-specific topics. Centrally collected data provides a solid foundation for making investment decisions and improving ESG performance.

“Everything is geared toward collaboration and cooperation. Data silos and isolated solutions are increasingly outdated,” said Henrik Siegle, CTO, Bosch Building Technologies. “Owners of commercial buildings want a holistic view of their portfolio, complete with all building and consumption data and our platform makes this available to the real estate sector in one place.” When the platform was being developed, Bosch Building Technologies contributed its experience as a supplier of networked hardware, software, and services related to building security, communication, energy efficiency, and building automation. More than 45 partners of Susteco Solutions – including building planners and developers, leading tech start-ups, and energy and sustainability experts – are already part of the ecosystem.

The web-based solution will be presented to the broad public for the first time at the Expo Real fair from October 4 to 6 in Munich at the Commerz Real exhibition stand.