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Well being triumphs in Savills’ top 12 Tech Lifestyle Cities

Amsterdam, one of the top 12 Tech Lifestyle Cities [Photo: Adrien Olichon/Unsplash]

Savills has nominated 12 cities around the world as its top Tech Lifestyle Cities.

The centres have been selected because they are important technology centres and venture capital hotspots in their respective regions, but also because they also deliver those well-being elements “likely required in a post-pandemic world”.

The cities include Austin, Boston, Denver and Seattle in the US,                 European cities Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Stockholm and, elsewhere, Melbourne and Tel Aviv.

The characteristics of Tech Lifestyle Cities include having a population under 5 million, a large tech industry, global and regional connectivity, at least one highly ranked higher education establishment and vibrant urban neighbourhoods.

Each has high air quality standards, access to green space and geographic footprints that are on the small side. They also provide services and products sought after by tech talent, such as fast broadband and “an affordable vegan burger”.

“Punching well above their weight on a global stage, Tech Lifestyle Cities offer city living on a smaller footprint, contributing to a better work-life balance, and have superior air quality without sacrificing the buzz of a larger location,” said Paul Tostevin, director and Tech Cities programme lead, Savills World Research.

“Given that Covid-19 has led to many people purportedly looking to prioritise a better standard of living, a strong performance here may indicate a city’s future growth,” he added.