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New research reveals priorities for European pension funds in long income property investment

Hugo James, Partner and Head of Long Income, Alpha Real Capital – New Research

Last year Alpha Real Capital published research looking at investor appetite for long lease property and saw a significant expectation of growth from investors over the next two years; with more than 20% of investors expecting a marked increase in investments in long income property. Alpha have just followed this with a survey across different European countries to see what was important to investors in considering investments in this sector.

‘We did see some differences in how people looked at things; in particular Ireland, which had greater emphasis on distribution yield.’

ESG also figured highly in the research; ‘I think as with everything we look at, ESG is an increasingly important factor for investors’.

Alpha Real Capital manages just under £4 billion – the majority of it for pension funds – and is a specialist fund manager investing in real assets with a focus on secure income. The company invests significantly in long lease property, Hugo James, Partner and Head of Long Income, Alpha Real Capital told the Real Asset Day.

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