RAI Coronavirus Special Report: final call for contributions

The special report will focus on 4 broad themes:

1) The macro context, which will analyse the respective reactions of world governments and central banks, with a focus on the US and the Federal Reserve, the European Union and the European Central Bank and the UK government and the Bank of England.

2) The impact on investment and leasing transactions, capital flows, asset allocation and performance.

3) An analysis of the most vulnerable sectors and consideration of what strategies are best placed to minimise disruption. The article considers sectors including retail, leisure and hospitality; logistics and industrial; Offices and coworking; residential including student accommodation.

4) impact on financing markets, the role of banks and other lenders throughout this new crisis, and the effectiveness of government measures designed to protect against a wave of administrations, insolvencies, and bankruptcies.

Deadline for editorial contributions to macro and capital flows/investment articles has passed. However, there is still time to editorially contribute the vulnerable sectors and restructuring/financing article. If you would like to send commentary, please email: [email protected]

We are also open to a limited number of articles contributed by sectors professionals. We are flexible on topics, so please feel free to suggest ideas, here are a few ideas from us:

1) What is the future now for coworking? This is the first stress test for coworking. How do you expect things to the sector to perform across the UK and Europe?

2) Government stimulus and tax relief. Will the UK government’s Business Rates Relief be effective in preventing the closure of vulnerable firms? Will the new emergency insolvency laws protect company failures? What else could be done?

3) The view from the technology professionals: how can technology help us during this period of restricted movement? Is the technology infrastructure of your business sufficient to operate remotely for a protracted period? Will this crisis prompt an internal technology strategy review? What more can proptech firms do to help the sector seamlessly connect and digitalise their workflows in this period?

4) Perspectives: from occupiers; from asset managers, from developers.

If you are interested in writing a Guest article for RAM’s special report, as a Guest Blog in our daily newsletter, or to volunteer to take part in a one-on-one recorded video discussion with us, please do get in touch today at:

Editorial: [email protected]

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We look forward to hearing from you.