Logistics provides opportunity for greener, cleaner energy

David Sleath, CEO of SEGRO

‘Sustainability has been around for a long time in various guises but there’s no doubt that there’s a lot more focus on it now from investors, from other stakeholders’ says David Sleath, CEO of SEGRO in an interview with Real Asset Media at the EPRA Insight 2020 conference in London.

‘We think we can really make a big difference and so there’s a lot of work going on in the logistics space now around producing buildings that have a lower carbon impact’ says Sleath as SEGRO uses different materials – for example wooden beams rather than steel in order to reduce the carbon content.

‘The big thing we’ve been doing a lot more work on recently, and I think is a theme for the years ahead, is putting an investment into a green energy so for us that means photovoltaic cells on roofs of buildings’ says Sleath and highlights a building created for online retailer, Zalando, in Verona that’s generating enough power to service 3000 homes. Sleath sees these areas as a focus of greater investment in the future.

Given the amount of roof space SEGRO have Sleath believes that ‘we’ve got a chance to make a big contribution to the need for society to have greener, cleaner energy’

Interviewed by Richard Betts of Real Asset Media at the EPRA Insight 2020 event in London

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