New survey shines a spotlight on Student Housing in CEE

Investors in student housing are turning their focus on Central and Eastern Europe, where the gap between supply and demand is particularly wide. The UK and Germany have led the way in student accommodation and now have mature and liquid markets, but other countries are following in their footsteps and presenting new opportunities. More international students are choosing universities in CEE cities, attracted by a lower cost of living, the quality of the courses on offer and the attractiveness of the cities and the lifestyle.

CMS and Colliers International are doing an in-depth survey to zoom in on what investors are doing in the student housing and co-living sectors, where they are planning to invest and what they see as the opportunities ahead. 

The survey asks existing and potential investors 15 questions to establish where they are from, whether they already  investing in student housing in other countries and whether they are already investing, or considering investing, in CEE countries as well, and which ones in particular they see as the most promising. 

It also asks what the reasons are behind the intention or the decision to invest, if high returns, low risk, high demand or potential from development returns. It seeks to establish whether investors prefer to buy ready products or to do the development themselves, and also what kind of investment they see as optimal for this asset class: if up to €10 mln, between €10 and €20 mln, between €20 and €30 mln or over €30 mln. 

The survey also asks if investors believe the sector has the potential to grow in importance in CEE in the short or medium term: in the next 1-3 years, 4-8 years or more. Finally, it asks investors what they think the key factors are in locating student accommodation assets, if the price of development, the cost of land, proximity to public transport or to transport nodes, closeness to universities or proximity to social and entertainment facilities.

The results of the survey will be announced on April 11thin London at Real Asset Media’s CEE Student Housing and Co-Living Investment Briefing, during which CMS and Colliers will also release a new report on the sector. Participate in the survey and then join the briefing to be the first to hear what its findings are.

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